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EST-Floattech is a Dutch energy technology company that develops and supplies energy storage solutions for maritime and land-based applications. From our Headquarters and Production Centre in Hoofddorp (the Netherlands) and from Sales Offices in Germany and Norway, we serve clients worldwide. With a track record of 200+ projects, EST-Floattech is one of the strongest maritime battery-power suppliers worldwide.

Timeline EST-Floattech


Foundation of "Floattech": integration & electrical installations in the super yacht industry.


Foundation of "ESTechnologies": offering battery solutions.


First delivery of Maritime Li-ion ESS


All entities brought together in EST-Floattech B.V. In short EST.


World's second largest Maritime Battery Supplier.

Since 2009, EST-Floattech has developed and built intelligent energy storage systems and continues to contribute to clean, compact, safe and reliable source of energy. Before the company started to supply batteries, it was a system integrator in the marine market.

EST-Floattech is a merger between Floattech, supplier of energy systems, navigation and communication equipment, computer networks, data links and multimedia products and CCTV for superyachts founded in 2004, and ES Technologies, specialised in the design and supply of active battery management systems founded in 2009.

The company’s strong application and integration knowledge then paved the way to become one of the world’s strongest suppliers of energy storage systems (ESS). Learning from market developments to become a value-added battery provider, the company leveraged its experience and track record to optimally serve clients in today’s marine and land-based industry.

EST-Floattech explained

"While serving the marine markets with reliable power systems is our goal, we strive to reduce vessel emissions through our technology and in each of our designs."Hans VisserCEO EST-Floattech

Our Energy Storage Systems are implemented in fully electric ships, in powerful hybrid applications combined with diesel engines and can be combined with hydrogen technology. EST-Floattech strives to partner with industry-relevant stakeholders, such as shipyards, system integrators, ship owners, technical universities and innovative, technology-oriented companies.

Our maritime portfolio consists of a wide range of products and projects, covering segments such as superyachts, fishing, ferries, inland shipping, coasters, river cruise, defence & security and workboats. For the mobile land-based sector, EST-Floattech delivers electric battery packs for cranes and develops swappable containers that are suitable for the rapid loading of inland waterway vessels.

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