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Need support? Our service engineers are there to help you – by phone, video or onsite.

EST-Floattech Battery Systems are reliable and engineered for safe and continuous operational uptime in virtually any situation or weather conditions. Our energy packs need little maintenance. Still, periodical check-ups are important to guarantee a continuous care-free and safe operation for many years!

Should you need our Service Team, we are there to help. Our skilled Service Engineers are available to assist you by phone or online 24/7. When necessary, they travel worldwide to support your crew or team onboard.

VCA- certified

All our engineers work out of the Netherlands but travel worldwide. Our engineers are qualified and comply to the higest safety (VCA) standards to do the installation, commissioning and maintenance of electrical energy storage systems. VCA is a Dutch Safety standard. VCA stands for Safety, Health and Environment Checklist Contractors.

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